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Being able to put a face with a name adds security and legitimacy to business relationships, it’s a necessity. If you need headshots taken for new employees or to update your current staff, choose StoryLight Photography. We make the process simple and provide results that make your company look great.

Showcasing the interior and exterior of commercial and residential buildings is key for realtors, architects, and interior designers. Our goal is to create imagery of the space that impacts and engages your client. Lighting, space and angle are our tools to create the perfect image for all of your architecture needs.

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As a commercial photographer, my goal is to narrate and document a subject or process. I am fascinated by people and their professions. There is a certain passion behind your company, your ‘why’ for opening your doors that customers often overlook; yet it is the life and energy of your business. My passion is storytelling.  I tell stories with light.  I will help you tell the story of your business to build value with your customers and differentiate you over the competition.

I would be honored to photograph the products, services, people and places that tell your story.

Dwan R. Petti

StoryLight Photography

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